Sunday, June 1, 2014

Ten Things About Rainbows

·         The sun will always be behind the viewer
·         The rainbow will always start at about 42 degrees from the angle of the direction of the sun
File:Descartes Rainbow.png
·         The higher the sun the lower the rainbow and vice versa
·         Brighter inside the cone of the rainbow and darker on the outside of it
File:Rainbow in Budapest.jpg
·         The red on the outside and the blue/violet on the inside
·         On the secondary rainbow the colors are reversed – blue/violet on the outside and red on the inside
·          A dark bend is formed between secondary rainbow and primary rainbow (Alexander's band)
File:Spooky Rainbow.jpg
·         If the sun is at the horizon the rainbow may be red
File:Monochrome rainbow.jpg
·         The secondary rainbow will start at about 53 degrees – about ten degrees higher than the primary rainbow
·         The secondary rainbow is wider and fainter then the primary rainbow

Of course you do not have to follow those points but, I believe it's good to have those in mind.

links :
two short videos about rainbows by    SciShow on YouTube : video 1 video 2 

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