Thursday, March 10, 2016

Creating the Illusion of Depth

Depth is awesome! It makes a picture feel like a window to another world or something cool like that. Here are a few ways you can add depth to your paintings.

Perspective (no surprise here)
things appear smaller the farther they are and lines converging to a point on the horizon, are good ways to show perspective and convey a sense of space

Overlapping forms
It's not just the separate things that can overlap one another, but also the forms within a single thing

Lines that "describe"/follow the form
On figures it's usually the clothing

Shallow focus/Small depth of field
Choosing an area to focus on and blurring the rest.

There are many reasons for gradation to happen in nature. Regardless the reason, It's rare for things to stay the same color and value all throughout.

Aerial perspective/Atmospheric perspective
With the increasing distance, objects fade into the background, lose contrast and details 

That's all for now
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