Thursday, March 3, 2016

More Tips on Composing for Mood

Previously we looked at using light and shadow, and camera placement when composing for mood
This post is about some of the other ways to evoke emotion in a painting. 

Adding some visual noise and clutter to an image will give an action a bit of a boost,
Omitting noise can help "slow down" an image.

Angles tend to seem less "friendly" then curved. 
This can be used to make a scene feel scary, serious or sweet depending on how far you take it.

I find that atmosphere whether it's fog, mist, dust or whatever it may be, really useful in creating mystery. 
It's also a good way to enhance perspective. 

Time of the day and weather 
Are also important to consider when composing an image.

Well that's it for now
Hope you found this helpful, maybe your friends will too ;)

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